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Customized For Food & Retail SME Businesses in Thailand

Personalize client journeys, automate support, convert leads 24/7, and capture data

Foxbot - A Chatbot platform for Thai SME
Retail, Food & Ecommerce Businesses

Chatbots are rapidly becoming a necessity for any Ecommerce shop, support website and customer service. In today’s online business environment, 24/7 availability is expected but almost never possible to handle. 

Foxbot solves this issue and is customized for Thai business owner’s needs. For example, besides credit card and PayPal, Foxbot integrates with PromptPay QR codes that let you take payments via chat. It also supports major Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce and integrates with hundreds of CRMs and Marketing tools via API. 

One of the biggest hurdles for our users has always been to actually get Foxbot setup and maintain it. This is the single biggest reason why people stop or never start using a chatbot in the first place. That is why we provide or “white glove service” which does all of this for you. So you can concentrate on running your business, and let us focus on getting your Chatbot perform. 

Amazing Things Foxbot can do

Engage with your marketing contacts via a conversational chatbot. Sales and Marketing teams love chatbots. You can use Foxbot to prequalify leads coming to your website. Based on what they reply, Foxbot can send the leads to the right team or person, who can then continue the conversation.  

Foxbot can capture any type of data from your audience, give support, be your live streaming assistant, process payments by PromptPay, credit cards and PayPal right inside a chat window, and master marketing automation for your business. There are almost no limits.

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