Supercharge your live-stream via Chatbot

Live-streaming is the new way of selling online. Especially in Asia live-streaming has taken off incredibly well. All large Ecommerce platforms such as Lazada and Shopify have adapted as well providing an easy way to live stream. But the biggest live-streaming platform for social Ecommerce is Facebook. 

Foxbot lets you interact with your live-streaming audience in real-time and at any scale, fully automated. Now what does that mean you ask. Usually when you are live streaming you do not have any ands free to mange incoming comments or inquiries. Either you have another person that can do that, or you don’t. With our chatbot, you do not need anybody else. 

how does it work? First of all you set up keywords or key phrases for your live-stream. Let’s say you setup a keyword “WANTMORE”. You can then link this keyphrase to a chatbot workflow. So this keyword will trigger the assigned workflow. Then you will tell people this keyword during the live stream. 

Let’s say you are presenting a new product and you want to send people a special offer for this product against their email address or mobile phone number. So you tell people to comment WANTMORE into the comments section of your live stream. Once they do that, the assigned chatbot workflow will trigger automatically. The people who commented this keyword will receive the first message in their Facebook messenger accounts and can now interact with the chatbot. Once they entered their email or phone number, the chatbot will then automagically mail or SMS the offer. It will also save the email address or send it to your CRM system. 

It does not matter here if there are 2 or 2,000 people commenting this keyword, Foxbot works at any scale so you can manage a large amount of inquiries via chatbot.

Not only that, but Foxbot is capable of processing payments as well. So you could let our chatbot start conversations with the commenters automatically and let them pay for a product right there while you are on your live-stream. It can process payments by credit cards, PayPal and PromptPay (QR codes).

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