chatbot for restaurants and food businesses

Chatbot for restaurants and food businesses

Chatbots have been used by food businesses since a while now but the technology was not fully developed yet. Chatbots have taken giant leaps forward though the past year and are now offering many different features for retailers. Let’s explore how food business can make use of chatbots and why they are such a viable

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Thai PromtPay QR Code Chatbot Payments

Accept PromptPay QR Code payments via Chatbot

Chatbots have been used globally since a while but one part that has been progressing slowly are payment methods. Working within chatbot platforms based on facebook messenger or other closed systems has caused some unique challenges. What is usually available through some large payment gateways such as Stripe or PayPal are credit card payments and

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live streaming chatbot

Chatbot automation for your live stream to get more sales

Are you selling products via live streaming on Facebook and other platforms? Then this feature will be perfect for you. Foxbot allows you to connect the chatbot to your Facebook live stream and automate specific tasks during the live stream which can help you promoting your show and interact with your audience at scale. Then

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