Processing payments inside Foxbot using PromptPay,
credit cards and Paypal

Foxbot chatbot is focussed on providing features for the Thai market that you cannot find on other chatbot platforms. So one of the first things we analysed were payments. This is very unsatisfactory on other platforms that do not support Thai payment channels and platforms. There is also a lack of options that allow directly processing payments inside the chat window, which for us is the only real effective way to do it.

Besides credit cards and PayPal, Thailand also has the PromptPay, which is specific to Thailand and was introduced by the Thai government to allow for cashless payments without the fees. The system also has a QR code system which allows to make payment by scanning a QR code. Foxbot provides full PromptPay support which makes it possible to process payments by QR code directly with in the chatbot interface. Best of all, the fees for taking QR code payments are almost zero. So it is the preferable way to use for users in Thailand.

So how does it work?

First of all, as with everything, you need to create a Foxbot workflow. In this case, let’s take an example from Ecommerce. Let’s say you want to sell a few products. Usually you would have to create a website and e-shop system to display your products and have people checkout on your website. Or, some people might opt to just open a Facebook page and sell it from there. The issue with that is that you cannot have people checkout directly, you will still need to talk to them, give them your account details and wait for the not make a transfer.

So with Foxbot, you can now add your products into the platform directly. When people chat to you, they can ask for display the product images. After that, like on a website, they can click on the products they want to buy. They can even create a cart and add multiple products before checkout.

After products are selected, people can then start the checkout process inside the chat window.

They will be shown the final amount hey have to pay, you can also add shipping cost if it applies. After confirmation, Foxbot generates a QR code for the payment that is linked the that cart and directs your customer to a page with the qr code. Customers fill in their shipping details and then scan the QR code with their bank application. This will fill all required information into their bank application, so all that is left to do for them is to confirm by tapping one single time.

The payment is now made and your customer will receive a receipt in their chat window so they know payment has been received successfully and that their parcels are being prepared.

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