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The “always-on” culture of today has had a big effect on consumer expectations. More than 60% of consumers globally think that businesses need to be available via instant messaging or live chat. And about 50% would rather communicate with a company via messenger than they would via a phone call. 

In general, consumers expect businesses to be able to respond anytime, not just during business hours. Any waiting for a reply can change people’s perception of the brand. If they are ready to purchase at that moment the try to interact with a brand, they might choose to go to another one instead.

Chatbots have been around for a while but it took some years for people to get used to them. These days people have realized that chatbots are necessary to provide a good customer service and that they can be helpful in many ways.

This is an opportunity for every business to tap into and engage with your customers in a much more interactive way.

How can you engage with people through a chatbot?

There are so many use cases that it would be very difficult to list all of them here. They include:

  • Ask people to write product reviews or give feedback.
  • Design and launch a survey for people who visit a specific page on your website.
  • Capture website visitor’s email address, mobile phone number, LINE ID or any other piece of information important to you.
  • During a live stream, let Foxbot communicate fully automated with your audience.
  • Process payments with Foxbot.
  • Let people view your product catalogue and if they wish so, buy straight from your chatbot.
  • Let people ask Foxbot for a specific product or product type and let the chatbot return products from that category.
  • Help people find products of a specific size and color or any other combination of product attributes.
  • Prequalify leads by asking questions to website visitors. Then based on their reply assign them to different people.

As you can see from the above few examples, the possibilities are limitless.

Interactive 2-way conversations
One of the most common ways to engage people on a website are forms. That could be a contact form or a survey or a feedback form for example.

A form is static though and does not provide any sort of evaluation on who the usr is or what the user inputs into it. 

With a chatbot, you can create a 2-way conversation that adapts based on the user input. It is a much better way for both you and the user.

Ease of use helps engagement
Responsive website and mobile apps are great but they cost big budgets and take manpower to maintain and update. 

Chatbots live on a server and after initial setup are relatively easy to maintain. The skill is needed for setting up the chatbot workflows in a way they work for your business. 

1:1 personalized messaging and targeted offers

The more personalized and targeted your marketing is, the better your chance for success. Chatbots allow you to provide 1:1 personalization at any scale.

Gone are the days where you use static forms to ask static questions that never fit every target.

Chatbots can ask questions such as “What do you want to eat today” or “Where do you want to go today?”, then turn any reply into an actionable response for that person.

Foxbot also remembers inputs from people. So after you asked your users these questions, not only is that data saved and use, but Foxbot can also use this data in the future, so it can learn from it for future interactions with that person.

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