Accept PromptPay QR Code payments via Chatbot

Chatbots have been used globally since a while but one part that has been progressing slowly are payment methods. Working within chatbot platforms based on facebook messenger or other closed systems has caused some unique challenges.

What is usually available through some large payment gateways such as Stripe or PayPal are credit card payments and payments via PayPal accounts. The issue with those is that gateways like Stripe are not even available for merchants in Thailand and PayPal has quite high fees and is not as widespread in Thailand as in Western countries.

There is a lack of solutions that utilize QR codes. The Thai government has introduced PromptPay to Thailand as a free way to make money transfers between 2 peoples bank accounts. Transfers can be made simply by typing the recipients mobile phone number for example. There are no fees involved.

PromptPay also works by scanning a QR code with your Thai bank application in Android or iOS. QR codes are utilized by a very few payment gateways that make it possible to implement this way of payment in your Ecommerce website.
But most Thai people shop on their mobile phones. So wouldn’t it be great if it is possible to use QR codes as a way of payment in a chatbot? Well, that is exactly what Foxbot can do.

Making PromtPay payment by QR code

The flow works like this:

  • The chatbot lists your products with images and pricing right within the chatbot interface.
  • The user can browse the products and add them to a cart. Works just like on website.
  • Once all products have been selected, the user can then start the checkout right with in the chat.
  • The final cost (and shipping if relevant) will be displayed and the usr confirms. He is then shown a QR code inside the chat window.
    After scanning (or saving the image and opening it inside the bank app), the users bank app fills in automatically the recipients details and the correct amount.
  • All tha is left to do by the user is to click the confirm button and the payment is made.
  • After payment was made, the user gets a confirmation/receipt sent into the chat window so that he knows everything went fine. That’s it. A fast and convenient way to generate sales and handle the complete checkout and payment process within a chat and with almost zero fees. In addition using a payment way that is accessible by every person in Thailand with a bank account. No credit cards needed.

To find out more about how the payment gateway can be implemented for your business, contact us here.

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