Foxbot Features

Personalize customer journeys

Build your chatbot any way you want. Don’t offer static content and replies to people. Let your chatbot listen and learn from what your customers type into it and then deliver the right information, based on their input…in real-time. 

personalise customer journeys
chatbot convert leads

Convert leads

Converting leads on your website is no easy feat. Foxbot can help by providing a conversational chat interface that people are familiar with from apps such as LINE or Facebook Messenger. Chat interfaces have proven to increase conversion rates by removing friction and making it as effortless as possible for people to interact with you.

Increase sales

Chatbots are perfectly suited for Ecommerce businesses. Be that to provide direction to help articles or answers to questions about shipping and orders. But they are also able to point people to the right products, display them right inside the chat window and let people conveniently checkout by QR code (PromtPay) or credit card. It is the most efficient way for people to make a purchase on your site. No lengthy, slow and complicated checkout pages re needed anymore.

foxbot increase sales

Process Payments By PromtPay & Credit Cards

Foxbot can process payments fully automated and directly inside the chat window. It has the capability to take payment by PromptPay (QR codes), credit card or PayPal. So in fact it has more options than many Ecommerce websites. But all can be used with the convenience of a messenger chat.

Supercharge Your Live Stream

When your live streaming, Foxbot let’s you reply automatically to people who are interested in certain products they see on the live stream. After typing specific keywords, the chatbot will reply, capture customer details and even process payments directly during the live stream and for any amount of inquiries or questions. Put your live stream monetization and lead generation on auto-pilot.

Automate Your Food Or Retail Business

Our chatbot is immensely useful for food and retail businesses. Foxbot can answer inquiries and food/product questions, it can show products or a menu, accept orders, process payments. All fully automated.

Automate support

You need to provide support to your customers but there is often no way you can handle all requests in a timely manner. A common issue is also that many questions are repetitive and ask for the same things over and over again. In many cases, a chatbot can take over most of your support requests. Foxbot can detect what people are typing into the chatbox and then provide the right replies. It can also learn from new queries being sked and improve over time. When a query midway requires a real person tp answer, no problem, let Foxbot handover the query to one of your service staff. Anything is possible to setup and fit requirements to your specific business.
Automate Support Chatbot
Engage with customers

Engage with customers

Chatbots can increase engagement with your visitors. They can actively start communicating with people that are visiting your website and provide the right information depending on what people are doing on your website or what they have done in the past, Foxbot can customize action to each specific visitor….at any scale. Generate leads, create sales, make people interact with specific content on your site or let them take a survey or participate in a quiz or contest.

capture data​

Foxbot is the perfect way to capture any kind of data from your visitors. It ca capture email addresses, mobile phone numbers, survey responses, and then automatically disperse SMS, emails, or messenger replies via automated flows that we setup for you. Chatbots take marketing automation to  new level.

Capture Data Chatbot

Commonly Asked Questions

Foxbot has many features possibly not documented here. Please shoot us a mail if yo have any other questions not listed here.

A bot is a tool to create automated conversations that interact with your customers and can answer all kinds of questions without any necessary human interaction. This can include answering support questions, capturing data, or even taking payments from people directly for a purchase. A bot can handle many different tasks in a convenient familiar chat interface.

It is a new way of communication that has been proven to increase engagement and conversion rates. It has seen a stellar adoption rate and growth in recent years as chat services like Whatsapp, LINE or Facebook Messenger have grown in popularity. It also has proven a key utility for companies to use in reducing their support team costs and response times. 

Smaller companies and entrepreneurs with smaller teams and budgets can benefit massively as well by automating many tasks which allows them to cope with a larger amount of people than they would usually be capable of.

Yes, of course. Foxbot can almost replace a traditional email service for you. Even better, as customiztion possibilities are extensive, you can create workflows and send different emails to different people at different times, depending on actions they have taken on your website.

Yes, it can. We integrate with Twilio in order to send SMS to pepole via automated workflows.

Starting out with chatbot creation it can be overwhelming. One of the most common reasons that people who start to create a chatbot never actually start deploying it, is that they can’t invest the time in learning the platform and keeping up with new developments. This is why Foxbot’s approach is to provide a “white glove” service. We setup the chatbot workflows for you based on an initial analysis of your business requirements. We then also update and improve your flows and consult you on implementations to ensure that onboarding runs smooth and each Foxbot provides real benefit from day 1.

Foxbot works with key phrases and keywords that you set up in your account. When your audience types these key phrases into the comment section of your live stream, you can then trigger different actions and workflows. Your chatbot will automatically send a message to the person who entered a key phrase. Actions triggered are pretty much limitless. Want to capture data such as email addresses or mobile phone numbers? You can do that. Want to send people to a special promotional website? No problem. You would like to directly process payments for product purchases while your live stream is still going on? Foxbot can do that as well. 

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