Chatbot automation for your live stream to get more sales

Are you selling products via live streaming on Facebook and other platforms? Then this feature will be perfect for you. Foxbot allows you to connect the chatbot to your Facebook live stream and automate specific tasks during the live stream which can help you promoting your show and interact with your audience at scale. Then after your stream you can retarget people that watched and interacted with you.

Why should you have a chatbot for your live stream?

Because a chatbot will allow you to generate qualified leads and process sales on auto-pilot and at scale. A chatbot allows you to interact and get your message across faster when you do not have any or many employees in your business as you do not need to send or reply manually all messages and requests during a live stream.

How do I interact with my audience during a live stream?

This is how it works. You setup a keyphrases (or multiple key phrases) that you tell people on your live stream and then they can type these keyphrases into the comments section in order to start a workflow or get a special offer for example. There re actually different use cases.

Let’s say you want people to directly buy a product that you present in the live stream. You can setup a keyphrase “hotnewproduct”. During the live stream you mention to people to type this keyword into the chat if they are interested in this product. Your chatbot understands this keyword and starts a conversation with people automatically. They are now actively engaged with the chatbot and can buy the product directly from the chat. Even payment processing is handled in the chat automatically.

Another case would be that you might want to collect emails or mobile phone numbers from your audience in order to use for ads retargeting. Just setup a keyword “yes” and then ask people to type this keyword into the comments in order to receive a promotion or other piece of content for free. Once people type “yes”, the chatbot takes over, starts a conversation with the people who were interested. The chatbot will ask people to opt-in via phone or email (whatever you want to collect) and then sends out the promo or content to them.

So these are just a few examples on how a chatbot can help you to collect leads and create sales from a live stream. Not only that, but it does this instantly during the live stream. You do not need to wait until the stream is done to take action and when there are hundreds or even thousands people watching, that might take way too long anyways to do it manually. 

live-stream with a chatbot

Key benefits of a chatbot for live streams

Generate leads and sales at scale:
Interact with any amount of people in real-time. With a chatbot, none of your viewers has to wait anymore. Your chatbot can communicate with any amount of people at the same time. Process paymants, capture data, promote your next show.

Save time:
Instead of waiting until your stream ends and then processing all the questions and inquiries one by one, your chatbot will do all of this for you during the live stream already automatically.

Saves money:
You don’t need to hire a person that checks comments and replies your messenger inquiries. Once you have your workflows and automations setup, your chatbot can handle all of this.

Get valuable feedback to improve your live stream offerings:
Chatbots are a perfect way to gather feedback from your audience. Because people are familiar with the chat interface it doesn’t take them any effort to send feedback. Once they connect with your chatbot, you can follow up after a live stream with them to give a rating or make suggestions.

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